New Zealand Men’s Issues Summit

Published: 20 April 2005

You are invited and challenged to attend to the first ever gathering in NZ to address Men’s Issues.

This is a one day event which draws together a variety of perspectives on men, from academic to activist, from
psychosocial to social service. Its intention is to open up the full breadth of the issues for discussion, find common threads, and strategise ways to improve male well-being and relationship. We hope that it will spawn other related events. For two decades men have been responding to the issues raised by a climate of social change in areas such as fathering, health, work and lifestyle, male violence and education. Little has been done however to draw those strands of endeavour together into a more integrated approach to the male condition. Policy on Men’s Issues in party politics, social services and government and has been either non-existent or incidental to other issues. Men have often been trapped by their own isolation, care for family, and dependency on others, and so neglected to advocate for themselves in a climate of gender change. Men’s need to examine their condition will benefit not only themselves but also their families and community.

This is a call to social services, policy writers, planners, politicians and men and women to consider the male condition and advocate for change. This is particularly a call to men come together in a spirit of creative change and advocacy for the betterment of all.

Welcome in anticipation,
Warwick Pudney

The Summit brochure is downloadable below, under "Related Publications"