Mensline Australia Provides Support for Rural and Remote Fathers

3 June 2005

Mensline Australia is pleased to announce a new fathering program for rural and remote fathers with children under the age of seven years.

The primary focus of this program is to provide long-term support for dads, helping them to stay connected with their children and family. The relationship between a father and child has a significant affect on a child’s development.

Research indicates that children who miss out on "father care" in the years leading up to their schooling are less cooperative in their first year of school. Particularly while the child is aged 0-7, establishing a close bond between father and child has a defining influence on the child’s mental health, academic achievement, emotional behaviour and future relationships.

For men in rural and regional communities, on-going support is often very difficult to access due to limited availability of services in their area. Mensline Australia aims to support rural and remote fathers with accessible counselling and coaching, ensuring fathers are adequately equipped with the skills required to manage their distress, improve their fathering, the relationships they have with their young children, and reduce the level of conflict they experience with their partners or ex-partners.

The Benefits

Providing long-term support via the telephone offers an accessible service to rural and remote fathers and the anonymous nature of the telephone also encourages men to open up and be more honest than they might be in face to face sessions. The program also has an additional benefit for women who may be experiencing difficulties with family relationships.

We Provide Support With:

1)  Parenting Issues 
2 ) Strategies such as communication and negotiation skills to improve relationships with children, parents and third parties
3)  Referrals to other programs in the local community
4)  Opportunities for an ongoing call-back support program
5)  Positive strategies for dealing with parenting skills and relationships
6)  Staying connected with your family

For more information contact John Byrne on 03 8371 2800 or email

For referrals contact 1300 78 99 78

Managed by: Taking Fathering Further: An initiative funded by the Telstra Foundation
1300 78 99 78

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