Intervening in litigated contact: ideas from other jurisdictions

8 November 2005

It is frequently asserted, in the public debate, that the issue of child contact is handled much better in other jurisdictions. This paper aims to facilitate an informed and evidence-based approach to this desire to learn from other jurisdictions. It is based on a study funded by the Nuffield Foundation, which examined processes in other Western European countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. The focus is on the minority of cases which come within the ambit of the courts, particularly the most conflicted, which generate greatest concern and disproportionately absorb public resources, rather than community-based preventive interventions or initiatives. The paper is not a comprehensive descriptive comparison; rather it selects types of intervention which are not common here and examines the evidence for their effectiveness, using research and other documentation.

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Intervening in litigated contact: ideas from other jurisdictions: Hunt & Roberts

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