Fathers’ Rights Activism and Legal Reform

Published: 18 July 2005

his workshop brings together participants from a number of countries in the aim of providing a critical analysis of the work of fathers’ rights activists and the role which law has played in their campaigning. To what extent has law been the focal point of their activities? How have these groups deployed legal strategies? What success (or otherwise) have they enjoyed in achieving legal reform? What commonalities and points of difference exist between fathers’ rights groups and other social movements, such as the women’s movement? And what, if anything, have these groups learnt from other social movements?

The workshop will include the following presentations:

· Susan B. Boyd: ‘Fathers’ Rights Discourses in Canadian Family Law Reform Processes’

· Maria Eriksson & Keith Pringle: ‘Gender Equality, Child Welfare and the Promotion of Fathers’ Rights: the Case of Sweden’

· Helen Rhoades: ‘Australia: Fathers, Law, and the ‘Best Interests of the Child’

· Richard Collier: ‘Angry Fathers, Backlash Politics? Contact Law and the Rise of the New Fathers Rights Groups’

· Cynthia Daniels & Jocelyn Crowley: ‘The Paradoxes of Gender Equality: Father’s rights in the U.S.’

And a roundtable and general discussion which includes short interventions from Anne Bottomley, Didi Herman, Oliver Phillips and Carol Smart.

Registration costs £55/£35 (unwaged)

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