Fathers Direct’s response to the DTI Work and Families Consultation

25 May 2005

Fathers Direct has published it’s response to the DTI Work and Families consultation paper. You can download both the consultation paper and the response at the bottom of this page under “Related Documents”.

Fathers Direct argues that the three guiding principles behind the framework of paternity, maternity and parental leave should be:

– Child Welfare
– Choice for parents
– Gender Equality

The current proposals, it is argued, do not deliver on these principles.

Fathers Direct argues that:

Paternity Leave should be paid at near income levels

Paternity Leave should be flexible

The state should not interfere with how families organise their lives.

As an alternative to the current proposals, Fathers Direct argues the following:

Paternity Leave

The existing two weeks should be paid at 90% income (with a cap), moving to a month of leave in the medium term and three months in the long term, all paid at 90% income (with a cap)

Maternity Leave

In the long term, Maternity Leave should be 6 months paid at 90% income (with a cap). In the short term, the proportion of leave paid at income replacement levels should be increased.

Parental Leave

Fathers Direct argues that making some maternity leave transferrable signals that childcare is still women’s responsibility, whereas the reality is that this responsibility lies with both parents. So instead of increasing the amount of maternity leave that is paid, the UK should, like Sweden, move towards a culture of paid parental leave.

Fathers Direct’s response to the work and families consultation
Work and Families: Choice and Flexibililty (DTI 2005)

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