Fatherhood project in Lithuania, Iceland, Denmark and Malta

20 April 2005

Sponsored in part by the Center for Equality Advancement, an institutional partner of OSI’s Network Women’s Program, the international project "Modern Men in Enlarged Europe: Developing Innovative Gender Equality Strategies" has launched its new website: http://www.dadcomehome.org/en.

Based on the idea that men who take up new gender roles represent a gain for families, employers, and society in general, "Modern Men in Enlarged Europe" uses paternity leave as a means to confront male stereotypes and to develop images of men as caregivers. 

The project aims to identify and develop comprehensive strategies and tools to research, collect, promote, and disseminate good practices; to encourage new representations of masculinity in the media; and to raise awareness of key actors in Lithuania, Denmark, Iceland, Malta, and other European countries. 

The website offers:

  • information on project activities and results; 
  • information on the issues of paternity leave, reconciliation of family and work life, and masculinity; 
  • a free, interactive e-card; 
  • photos of fathers who have used their right to paternity leave; 
  • a discussion board where readers may express their opinions. 

The project seeks to strengthen international cooperation on gender mainstreaming policies, and to transfer knowledge and good practices at the European level in the most effective way. In addition to the website, other transnational activities include research, publications, media contact, network meetings, seminars, informational campaigns, action weeks, and international conferences. 

Project partners also include the European Commission, the Lithuanian Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman (project coordinator), the Danish Research Centre on Gender Equality, the Center for Gender Equality, and the Employment and Training Corporation.