Drugs and Muslims: policy recommendations

25 March 2005

An-Nisa Society works for the welfare of Muslim families and has produced a number of reports on issues important to the Muslim community. ‘Drugs & Muslims’ is a Report based on a small scale research programme based on the Stonebridge Estate in Harlesden City Challenge Area. The aim was to ascertain whether local drug agencies were meeting the needs of Muslims living in that area.

Five focus groups were conducted which included: one for older women, one for young women aged 13-19 years, one for men only, a mixed men’s-and-women’s group – and one with teenagers from a local school.

Some of the key issues raised in the men’s focus group included: religious discrimination as key factor in alienation and isolation, high unemployment which contributed to mental ill health, and a lack of social facilities and community development opportunities.

The Report’s policy and practice recommendations included:
• developing social facilitites that are Muslim sensitive
• developing holistic family centered support
• providing drug awareness programmes from a Muslim faith-perspective
• training drug agency workers to be more faith and culturally sensitive
• developing strategies to alleviate poverty and tackle institutional religious discrimination.

To purchase this report – £4 (incl p&p) – contact: www.an-nisa.org (underconstrustion) or an-nisa@btconnect.com