Developing a Black identity

1 April 2005

These guides (by no means a complete list) are a resource for Black men/fathers seeking to

• explore their role as men, as fathers, as members of communities and society
• wrest back their image from negative stereotyping
• develop their relationship with themselves
• develop their relationships with those around them.

This list also provides useful tips for professionals working with Black men.

Although this material mainly comes from the US, many issues are of common relevance. Black men can be viewed as one community, irrespective of where they are – but this should not obscure the specifics that make the UK Black male experience unique.

The Spirit Of a Man – Iyanla Vanzant
HarperSanFrancisco 1996

Visions for Black Men – Na’im Akbar
Mind Productions & Associates 1991

The Community of Self – Na’im Akbar
Mind Productions & Associates 1991

Survival Strategies for African Americans – Anthony Browder
Institute of Karmic Guidance 1997

An Autobiography of Malcolm X – Malcolm X
Penguin Books 1965

Understanding Black Adolescent Violence – Amos Wilson
Afrkan World Infosystems 1991

An Afro centric Guide to Spiritual Union – Ra Un Nefer Amen
Kharit Corp 1992

The Isis Papers – Dr Frances Cress Welsing
Third World Press 1991

The MANual How 2 be a man – Toyin Agbetu
Jastoy 2002