Australia’s Men and Family Relationships Programme

26 October 2005

Men and Family Relationships Services, which are funded under the Family Relationships Services Program (FRSP), are administered by the Family and Children’s Services Branch of the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS).

The initiative, announced in 1997 as part of the Australian Government’s Partnerships Against Domestic Violence strategy, is the first to recognise that men have particular needs when seeking help with relationship problems.

Men and Family Relationships Services work alongside men to assist them to manage a range of relationship issues with partners, ex-partners and children.

Many are generalist services – they include counselling, relationship education and parenting skills programs – but they are designed to take men’s particular help-seeking and problem solving strategies into account.

Men and Family Relationships Services are located in every State and Territory, in a range of metropolitan, rural and regional locations. The services, which are provided by community organisations, target men at a range of relationship stages, including pre- and post-separation, and at particular life and relationship transitions, such as following the birth of a first child or the breakdown of a relationship. The organisations will receive periodical payments totalling approximately $4.6 million (excluding GST) in 2003-04.

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