United Nations calls for fathers to be involved

29 March 2003

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has called for fathers to be involved in programmes delivering infant and child care information.

In it’s agreed conclusions, the CSW called for…

"…Governments and, as appropriate, the relevant funds and programmes, organizations and specialized agencies of the United Nations system, the international financial institutions, civil society, including the private sector and non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders, to take the following actions

b) Promote understanding of the importance of fathers, mothers, legal guardians and other caregivers, to the well being of children and the promotion of gender equality and of the need to develop policies, programmes and school curricula that encourage and maximize their positive involvement in achieving gender equality and positive results for children, families and communities;

c) Create and improve training and education programmes to enhance awareness and knowledge among men and women on their roles as parents, legal guardians and caregivers and the importance of sharing family responsibilities, and include fathers as well as mothers in programmes that teach infant child care development; "

The full agreed conclusions document can be downloaded below.

CSW Agreed Conclusions 2004

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