How to Build New Dads

1 April 2003

“How to Build New Dads” is a briefing paper aimed at those working within the maternity services – midwives, paediatricians, obstetricians, health visitors and others who are involved in supporting pregnant women and their partners through the pregnancy, preparing for, and going through the birth, and the immediate post-natal period of transition to parenthood.

The briefing paper contains a review of some of the research on the impact of men’s attitudes and behaviours on maternal and infant outcomes, as well as on their own post-birth parenting. It reviews some of the best practice in the UK of maternity services that are constructively involving fathers during the peri-natal period.  It also sets out some important practical suggestions for practitioners who want to ensure that their own services are welcoming to expectant fathers, engage them successfully in the process of supporting their partner and preparing for the birth, and coping effectively with the transition to parenthood.

Additional features include a discussion of the problems associated with domestic violence during pregnancy, and how health practitioners can make the most of the introduction of two weeks of statutory paid paternity leave for new fathers in the United Kingdom.

How to Build new dads

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